Summer is Here

The Aqua Matte Collection is back for summer! This Limited Collection will only be availible through July and won't return again until the weather heats up next summer. Our serene, cool, aqua matte blue reminds us of an endless vacation in the Maldives. The relaxed yet sophisticated vibe of this collection will leave you looking forward to winding down at the end of your day with a beautiful meal. Pairs well with our White Matte Collection to a create an exquisitely beautiful layered palette.

Our choices define our lives.

Handmade ceramics are a journey we take with the artist. Each piece that we make requires our time and attention to detail from start to finish. Our focus is to create a handmade work of art in which every piece works harmoniously with the other while maintaining a it's own individual integrity. The journey begins in our studio in the woods and lives in your home. Our hope is that that our ceramics will weave a connection in your life to both the maker and the process of living a little slower and considering the choices you make as you mold and shape your own life. Our love and care for our craft will emanate from every piece and bring joy to you as only a truly handmade piece can.

With Love,


Welcome To Our Way Of Life